We have the largest used ski inventory in Vancouver. With over 800 used skis for sale you can be assured of finding the perfect ski for you. Since a lot of people shopping for used skis vancouver tend to be beginners we have provided a helpful guide about the three main variables to look for when shopping for a ski


Most of you might have heard that beginners should start with shorter skis and advanced skiers should opt for longer used skis. That’s great for a general guideline but a better guide is to consider a factor called running length. For example, rockered all mountain skis are great in soft conditions but will ski like a lot shorter on hard packed conditions. Our staff can help you decide the best ski for where and what you like to ski and help you find the best option. For more information on the running length of a ski and how it effects how a ski performs in different conditions, you can check this article on running length of a ski.


As a general rule beginners should opt for softer skis. A important factor when thinking about flex the speed you like to ski at and whether you ski in soft of hard conditions. Generally, if you like to skis fast on groomed runs, you’ll need a firmer ski. If you ski powder you would want something with a little more flex but not too soft.


Beginners will want a ski that has a small to medium turn radius. Skis with a smaller turn radius will turn tighter. More importantly it will be easier to initiate the turn with a smaller turn radius to burn off speed, which is a plus if you are a beginner. For the intermediate or advanced skier, a too small a turn radius will feel unstable as longer radius turns are a natural consequence of skiing faster. A great article on the importance of ski radius and it’s effect can be read here.

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